From a few of our transformed clients ….


"Vicky has such a needed heart and calling to help women of all stages in life. I attended her group studies as well as individual classes; she is incredible. She has helped me come out of an isolated place into the light and realize my potential, remind me of my worth, and how much I am loved by our creator.  She has a true talent to help what's needed most even when you don't really know yourself. She is a gem, a rare treasure, and a gift to all she knows and are helped by her.

Thank you Vicky!!"


"Vicky is a great coach full of wisdom, encouragement, and insight. It is quite evident she is passionate about helping others to see their gifts and potentials. Her sessions are warm, funny, caring and extremely informative. I walked away with great peace knowing my value and worth in who He created me to be. I felt empowered to walk out in the gifts God has given me. Don't hesitate to take the plunge!! You won't be sorry you did! Thanks Vicky!"


"I had so much fun participating in Vicky's transformation workshop! We shared many laughs and learned so much together as an engaging group that felt almost like one to one. We learned about individual character traits and how God created each of us differently. After the workshop, I feel more empowered, knowledgeable, and enlightened. Thank you Vicky!"​


"After completing the workshop I got revelation ... there really can be no more comparison or competition."


"Thanks so very much for the much-needed reminder of who I am and that God created me in His image and I have a purpose with the gifts He gave me. I have been pretty depressed and just needed a gentle push. Thank you Vicky!"


“Time spent with Vicky is time well spent! Her passion to see others do well and be happy in life is evident immediately. She has a way of understanding and seeing things with a fresh perspective and can easily pass that perspective on to you. For me, she quickly understood my questions and eased my anxieties for having them. She helped me discover the answers and learn to embrace me… for me! Thanks to Vicky, I can better appreciate who I am.”


"I was going through a very difficult time and having struggles on many levels when I met Vicky and worked with her as my life coach.  My time with her has been truly transformative and I know now that I am empowered by God to live a great life at work and in my personal life.  Vicky was part coach, part therapist and part dear friend as we took a thorough look into all areas of my life.  We discussed family, social life, health, work, and spiritual life.  She has a gift for getting to the root of the problem and then helping you find those “Ah-Ha” moments of clarity. She was able to help me tremendously in my work life to set new goals and priorities. AND help me get organized, one of my biggest challenges. She coached me through some tough family issues, that are now resolved for the first time in years. I have recommended Vicky to many of my friends who are looking for a life couch

Vicky Puckett with Empowered With Excellence is the BEST!”


“My testimonial is that coaching has helped me to prioritize what is important and what’s not important.  Vicky has helped me to be free to express myself without fear. Accept who I am. 

And it's okay! I am now able to take back the joy I once lost.”


“I started visiting Vicky for Life Coaching during a very difficult time in my life. I was under intense stress and trying to find peace with myself and my life situation. Vicky helped me to see myself, my relationship with God and life in general from a new perspective. Vicky has an innate wisdom that allows one to re-frame life, which is very liberating. She also is committed to providing tools to strengthen you in your walk. I looked forward to my sessions with her, and took away valuable information and tools that continue to bless my life.” 


“Empowered with Excellence has allowed me to set goals, see them through and actually see them materialize!  I am happier with my decisions and recognizing what I can own as my own vs what was instilled in me by others.  I have realized that none of my children have my dreams or goals and that each one is unique in their own way.  I’m learning to love them for who they actually are in God’s eyes.”


“Empowered with Excellence has changed my life for the best!  I know who I was made to be and have become stronger in the last couple of weeks since starting with the program.  I look forward to our meetings since there will be another thing realized and applied.  I’ve been truly blessed with you and this program!” 


 “I thoroughly enjoyed working with Vicky and Empowered with Excellence!  She had great tools and questions to guide me in self-evaluation for greater clarity and understanding of my own strengths and desires while being aware of my weaknesses.  The process was very beneficial for me in learning to find my niche, what motivates me or makes me tick. I strongly encourage all to utilize her abilities in this endeavor, whether a self-help boost we need at times or seeking what to do or where to go after being released from a job as I was.”  

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