We are relational people and designed for connection.

We were meant to connect with one another, that our needs can be met through close relationships and if they're not to some degree, we will move on. For example, if you are married and your spouse didn't meet some of your relational needs, you probably won't be married much longer. If you have a friend and you are the only one contributing to the relationship, then you probably won't be friends much longer. Distance will soon separate you. 


Depending on your current circumstances, the following relational needs can change. 

Read the entire list below before ranking the following list and before taking the Relational Assessments below.

Rank the following needs from 1 to 10 with 1 being the most important to you in the present moment and time and

10 is the least important. 

Send an email with your ranking in order of each relational need numbered in order from 1 to 10 to Once I receive your list, I'll send you the password to continue the assessment.

Provision - Having adequate food, clothing and shelter.

Security  - Feeling safe in a relationship; physically, emotionally, Feeling safe in the environment

Consistency - Having life in order, responding with self-control, knowing what to expect from the behavior of others.

Belonging - Feeling that I am a part of a group, knowing I am accepted even when my behavior is less than perfect.

Valued - Someone taking an interest in what I am doing. Someone appreciates the person that I am.

Comfort - When I am hurting, having someone express genuine care and concern, acknowledging what I am feeling with words of appropriate touch.

Recognition - Words of thanks/acknowledgment. Having someone regard me highly for what I accomplish, and being respected by others.

Affection - Having someone show appropriate non-sexual, physical touch. Someone saying "I love you". Someone showing me they care about me.

Encouragement - Someone acknowledging my attempts to reach new goals or to do the right thing.

Support - Having someone gently help me with a problem or stuggle, while giving appropriate assistance.