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Starting Monday November 16, 2020

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As an author does the thought of writing a business plan and marketing yourself causes feelings of stress and anxiety.

Do you just feel overwhelmed with it all?

Do you know there's a whole new world waiting for you to show up with your gift!


Your voice NEEDS to be heard today!

More than ever before!

You’ve spent so much of your time utilizing your creative talents of writing that you don’t know exactly where or how to get started marketing yourself.


Does your anxiety level rise just thinking about it?

Think ... am I even qualified to write a simple business plan? 

How and when do I grow your platform?

What about websites or deciding which one is best for you? 

What about social media posting and ads to expand your audience?

What about analytics and pixels …and other foundational things to grow your platform?

Yes … You need these things and others in place to grow.

I’m here to guide you and coach you! To put everything in place in one short week.

Providing the foundational framework in place for


It's time to Launch, Build and Grow your Platform!

Hi ... My name is Vicky Puckett founder of Empowered With Excellence since 2008. I have multiple years’ experience as an author, Transformational Life Coach, business operations management expert, women’s ministry leader and passionate to see others live out their dreams to their full potential.

With a degree in Business Management and Certifications is Administrative Management, Small Business Management and Leadership as well as Life Coach. it is my desire and passion to see you achieve the fundaments to achieve all the foundational principles to be successful.


I have culminated all my expertise to serve and guide others to build their foundation for success. It is my greatest endeavor to help you promote your platform, build community engagement and develop an online presence in an authentic and measureable way

Writing a book and blogging is just the beginning. 

As an author (published or not yet) with a product to sell, you are very much an entrepreneur with a voice to share to the world. In fact, the time is now that your voice is heard! There has never been a more pivotal time in history than right now!

It doesn’t matter if you decide to go with traditional publishing or self-publishing. And as most authors know, there never really is just one book 😊

You instinctively know you could use a bit more direction to move your platform to the next level and bringing it full circle. Who beyond your network of family and friends, other authors, publishers, etc. would be interested in your book? In your voice?

To catapult your book and your voice, you’ll need to have solid tools and a strategic plan in place to take you from writing great books and blogs to developing a business model to share your voice and passion with the world. We live in such a global society today. It has never been as easy to extend your reach with the touch of a button like it is today.

Writing a simple business plan basically does the same thing as writing your book and blogs just in a different format… from a business perspective that’s adapted to your specific niche with strategic tools in place to propel you forward!

If you are a blogger, still working on your book, about to published or have published ...

this masterclass is for you!

You will have the tools and framework needed to move you forward. This will keep you energized and excited as you draw closer to see your platform come full circle!



Social Media eBook
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Monthly & Weekly Scheduling
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  • Clarity and articulation: A clear vision and mission with a business plan that will guide your actions and decisions as they relate to you and your platform. Valued $57

  • Broaden your reach: Specific action items to connect with agents, vendors, etc. but also to incorporate specific strategies to move you forward in other areas. Valued $27

  • Resources: And cheat sheets to help you stay focused and organized. I promise … “Organization is the key to success!” Valued $37

  • Websites and social media: Which website will make life easier for you to navigate.  Do you need one? Or do you just need a Facebook page or other social media pages? Valued $37

  • Blogs: How to use a blog effectively to market yourself. I’m going to show you an easy way to blog your way to ranking higher and get noticed faster on Google that saves you time so you can enjoy what you love to do … write books! Valued $47

  • Domains and URLs: Do you have a domain name yet? How to find the best one and get a professional email specific to your domain without costing you extra money. Valued $27

  • Images and videos: How to create beautiful images and videos to catapult your business as an author for FREE! Valued $37 

  • Analytics: Hold on it’s not as scary as you think. Analytics will show you your wins and strategies in posting and placing ads to grow your audience and platform. Valued $37

  • And so much more ... ​​FREE "8 Keys to Social Media" ebook, plus checklists, calendars, scheduling and goal setting to keep you organized, focused and on track! 

All while saving you money and time … with extra cost-saving tips, tricks and hacks I have used as a small business owner and working in the business community! Valued priceless

Also, I'm your personal coach and guide showing you actual steps and processes each step of the way. You're not going to have to figure it out all by yourself. Valued priceless

This will be a game-changer for you in advancing your platform as an author, writer and world influencer quickly.

In just about a week the framework of your foundation in place!

Let me say it again ...

People need to hear your story! They are waiting for you to show up!

Register today for only $97.00

(valued at over $900 if bought separately)

FREE "Growing Your Social Media" ebook with Scheduling Cheat Sheet included with

and all the resources need to keep you organized to propel your success!

I look forward to seeing you soon.