Do you have a promising idea and enough passion to back it up? Even if you aren't completely sure yet or your dream has been buried inside you for so long ... I believe this masterclass will give you the confidence to move forward.


You just need to polish off your startup know-how before you make the leap and strike out on your own...

Luckily, that’s where I can help!


​Now is the time like never before to “Launch, Build & Grow” your small business!

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

Anais Nin

If you have any kind of service or product that you want to make money from .. this is the place to see your dreams become your reality!


Hi there 👋 I’m Vicky Puckett, founder and CEO of Empowered With Excellence since 2008. I believe there is "excellence"

in all of us! It's my mission in life to help others, just like you, uncover hidden gems of excellence that's already inside

EWE waiting to be revealed! In the corporate world, I held office operations management roles and helping people

get to their desired destinations quickly, while saving time and on budget while being efficient and well organized!


With time, dedication, and building out my foundation, I get to hear great transformative stories from others. Here are a 

few testimonials of what others have said. I was simply a guide to reveal what was already deposited on the inside.


Now it’s your turn for success!

You can experience the same level of excitement and success ... if you want it... if you're ready for it to take the next step to start your business! If you've started but need some help navigating through everything; I'm here to help!

Now’s the time!

It has never been easier, more financially smarter and we have more opportunities today than has ever been possible to start a small business online. While it may seem like chaos all around, when you're focus is right, you pray and you believe more than what you may see or hear ... you can be "empowered with excellence" to do anything you put your heart and soul to!

Where to begin?

I'm offering our 2-week private Facebook Masterclass

"Launch, Build and Grow Your Small Business" 


For $97

Here’s what’s covered:

Entity and/or company name: sole-proprietor, DBA, and LLC. I'll walk you through and give you the website to fill out the forms you need. Not all entities need an attorney to draw up papers.  There is nothing quite so exciting and freeing to make this first accomplishment!

Plans, mission, vision, and goals. What's going to build a solid foundation for you to propel you!

Websites and hosting sights: Do I need one? Which ones are good for my specific business? Do I put everything under one umbrella?

Facebook pages, ads, business manager; Google  My Business and other social sights.

Google and Facebook analytics and pixels: analytics are your friend. They will show you the behind the scenes views that others don't see.

Creating images and videos:  using something already on your computer and where to get free stock photos as well as other sites to use.

And so much more!

All handouts and links are included to take you right where you need to be and see exactly what I'm doing. If you are unable to attend one of the hour-long presentations, no worries! They'll be available for viewing later.  I'll schedule some during the day and some in the evening.


 We'll also have podcasts with other small business owners, just like you, to share their wisdom, insight, and knowledge to encourage you!

Also, included are ALLmy tricks, tips, hacks, and expertise I've accumulated along the way. to save you time and money all the while helping you to stay organized, accountable to yourself, and encouraged! 

A community of like-minded people who can encourage and cheer each other on! Where's the fun if you have to do this all by yourself?

Now is the time to say YES to see your dreams become your REALITY!

I look forward to meeting you and seeing you soon!

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"Launch, Build and Grow Your Small Business" 


For $97!


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