Launch, Build & Grow Your Small Business!

Do you have a promising idea and enough passion to back it up? You just need to polish off your startup know-how before you make the leap and strike out on your own... Luckily, that’s where I can help!

You’re not entering into your new business blindly, au contraire. You’ve sorted out almost everything you need to make your startup a success.,,, it's just been a dream in your heart for a very long time. Today is the day to start!

Many may have a side hustle and making a few bucks on the side but haven't fully ventured out into a small business startup with the legal papers, business plans, etc. in place to grow and become even more successful with a solid foundation in place. Do you have a company name or URL?

Having a hobby is spending money; while operating as a business is about making money!

But life’s about the curveballs, and you never know what might get thrown your way... Luckily, I'm here to help!

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

Anais Nin

"Who’s the entrepreneur behind this quiz?" I’m glad you asked...


Hey there 👋 I’m Vicky Puckett, founder and CEO of Empowered With Excellence. I believe there is "excellence" in all of us! It's my mission in life to help others, just like you, uncover hidden gems of excellence that's already inside EWE waiting to be revealed!

Friend, your entrepreneurial dreams can 100% become a reality – but, let me tell you, it takes work and dedication. It can be easy to get discouraged when you’re starting out especially if you haven't found your niche... yet!

How do I know? Well, I’ve been there, too!

After numerous life events and layoffs from the corporate world, I decided to be and go "all in!" I had two young children at home, just out of a divorce when I started my very own small coaching business Empowered With Excellence over 10 years ago.

At first, I didn't know exactly what that was or what it looked like until someone said to me "you hear what my heart is saying!" I thought that's cool. I didn't know I had that in me. That was a gift inside me to bless others but it took someone else to say that to me. Those words never left me and they continued to grow on the inside. I prayed about it and the vision soon became my reality.

I had a plan …

BUT it turned out I needed to educate myself more, clarify my niche and my "why" along with overcoming some unexpected obstacles along the way. Also, I was determined not to go into debt! I found the least expensive opportunities that I believed in that were good for me every step along the journey.

With time, dedication, and building out my foundation, I was then able to launch my small business with my first "paying" customers!! (More testimonials)

Now that was very exciting!

Now it’s your turn to experience that same level of excitement and success ... if you want it... if you're ready for it!

It has never been easier, more financially smarter and we have more opportunities today than has ever been possible to start a small business online. While it may seem like chaos all around, when you're focus is right, you pray and you believe more than what you may see or hear ... you can be "empowered with excellence" to do anything you put your heart and soul to!

Not sure where to begin?

I'm offering our 2-week private FaceBook group ...

"Launch, Build and Grow Your Excellent Small Business" starting


This online event will in part consist of:

Building on what you have already learned.

Setting up your business entity if you haven't already. I'll show you where to start vs where they tell you to start for a more global presence.

All of my secret tips, tricks and hacks to save you time and money!!

You'll be clarifying your vision, mission plans and goals. I'll provide all forms for you to document each step of every progress you make along the way to achieve greater clarity and focus.

We'll explore websites and hosting sights for your service or product and whether you need one or not and/or why you need one depending on your business.

We'll talk Google and FaceBook analytics ... don't worry it's not as scary as it sounds. This is a good thing to know. These gems give you an insight to behind the scenes snapshots to show you how well you're doing or where you should put more emphasis.

How about creating FaceBook Pages, Ads, and Business Manager.

Where and how to create beautiful images to draw attention to increase engagement, likes, shares and comments on posts or to use for creating ads.

And so much more ....

You will launch and legitimize your business, build a foundation properly and then to grow the business you created ...

ALL while giving live presentations and actual hands-on experience that you can engage in right away! Gone are the days to tell you what to do. You will have your computers open and following along just as I am! Or for those that don't need to, not a problem. Customizing at the level needed.

Who is this for? I'm glad you asked ...

This is for everyone who has a product/service already in mind, a hobby and want to grow into a business, authors, those who are unemployed or hours have been reduced ... anybody who's ready to start a business and bring in additional income AND not go into debt to achieve success and to see their dreams fulfilled!

The cost for this 2-week masterclass to launch and legitimize your business, to build a foundation with plans and goals and to grow your presence into the marketplace and beyond


 for only $97!!

There are no additional or hidden fees or charges EXCEPT what you determine how your business setup will be or if you choose a certain something available for purchase.  In other words no additional fees to me!


My goal is to show you the most frugal way of doing business without incurring a lot of debt. I will show you ways that are FREE and some that have a small charge if you choose to purchase from the site directly.


This is the absolute best deal for this one-of-a-kind workshop! And is valued packed to get you up and running quickly if you choose to do each task along the way. 

If this sounds like something you're ready for ... click on the link below and let's get started!

PS... one final note. Since this is an informative and educational opportunity, there will be no refunds once the day of the event starts. Also, please understand that just as each person is unique, each person's experience is also just as unique, there are no guarantees or written promises that everyone will experience the same results. BUT know this ... I will over-deliver and bring you the best support and all the information I've accumulated over the years to coach you the best I can to success! Everyone is accountable for their own success! You can do this because ... I believe there is excellence in you and the world is waiting for you to show up!

I'm very excited and looking forward to meeting and seeing you on the inside!

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2-week "Launch, Build & Grow" FaceBook masterclass!
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After we receive payment, we will email you the link to sign in to the private FaceBook group. Don't wait too long as we will have separate instructions to guide you through the event that you'll want to watch and learn before we begin October 5th!