Hi My name is Vicky. I am a Certified Transformational Life Coach, mother, author, teacher and speaker. I have a passion to see others live life to their fullest! For many, their voice has been silenced. Giving them their voice back while coming alongside is what facilitates the process for them to discover who they really are. 


Someone once told me that “You hear what my heart is saying”.

I realized that this gift enabled me to help others. I don't just listen with my mind, I listen with my heart first. Servant leadership is a matter of the heart.


I  love coming alongside others to help them discover their identity, purpose, and to move forward while navigating the things that sometimes try to distract or derail us! Many know the right words

and phrases yet wonder why they aren’t experiencing the fullness

that is available to them right where they are. 


I'm a Certified Life Coach that wants you to see transformation ... to bring clarity and help you 

discover purpose that will come to fulfillment today and in all your tomorrows.


How about you? Let's start the conversation by sending me an email to vicky@empoweredwithexcellence.com.

I am excited to help you start exploring, nurturing and developing the EXCELLENCE inside of you!

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