Hi My name is Vicky. I'm glad you stopped by!


I am a Transformational Coach and Small Business Consultant to take you or your small business to the next level. Empowered With Excellence was created in 2008 to bring success and fulfillment to your life.


With multiple years’ experience as a transformational life coach, business operations management expert, women’s ministry leader, I have a genuine passion to see you live out your dreams and full potential.

Once you've had a chance to go through one or more of our programs ... TRANSFORMATION happens! 

Having a degree in Business Management and certifications is Administrative Management, Small Business Management and Leadership have helped me with understanding operations and business management in all my professional endeavors. Being able to use these skills in launching your small business and your platform will save you time and money at every level.


Culminating all my expertise, I come alongside others to help build the framework for the foundation of their success, promote their work, build community engagement while developing an online presence in an authentic and meaningful way.


For many, they feel overwhelmed and just don't know what to do with all the details or where to start whether in life or their small business adventures. 


That's my gifting!  That's my passion! To see you live out your dreams to their fullest potential!

Coming alongside others to help them reach true fulfillment, is what facilitates the process that leads to SUCCESS. 


Someone told me a long time ago “You hear what my heart is saying”. 

I realized that this was a precious treasure to serve others professionally; both as an employee and a small business owner. I don't just listen with my mind, I listen with my heart to get an understanding of what is needed to bring about excellent results. 

There's great news when we work together .... TRANSFORMATION is the outcome!


Clarity and fulfillment can be yours today and in all your tomorrows.


Gone are feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out!


I'd love to start a conversation with you.


You can reach me at vicky@empoweredwithexcellence.com.

I am excited to explore, nurture and continue with developing the excellence in you that transforms your life or business!